Type 1 DIabetes

Severe Hypoglycemia & Angels

Severe Hypoglycemia & Angels

The morning of January 15th was unlike any other in my life. Convulsions and a BG of 19 mg/dL, which led to a pinched nerve in my neck and continuing symptoms. This severe hypoglycemia was not a result of low carb, as some would like to blame, but of exhaustion and making one bad decision. 

The Low Carb Secret Ingredient

For weeks, I suffered from varying degrees of dizziness, body weakness, headache and confusion.  I had trouble finding the right words and concentrating on my writing. I felt absolutely helpless. 

Of course I was thinking my problems were really serious. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or degenerative neurological issue. SOMETHING had to explain the symptoms I'd been experiencing.