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I experienced diabetes as a daughter & A sibling long before I was diagnosed T1D at the age of 24.

I understand the confusion, anger and fear over both my mom and my brother's diagnoses and I understand how the whole family needs information and support, not just adults with T1D and parents scouring the internet for resources.

That's why diaVerge has created LC T1D Family Portal, a membership site like no other. Here you can learn:

  • All the details of low carb diabetes management in quick video format from our DiabetesU

  • Download easy-to-understand info for grandparents, extended family and caregivers about diabetes & low carb

  • Access information for teachers and administrators

  • Allow your kids (both T1D and siblings) free access in a safe place to learn about low carb diabetes management from kids who are doing it and thriving

With new information and resources added monthly, this will be an ever-evolving and growing portal of knowledge and support for everyone touched by a T1D diagnosis.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please click here to add your name to our short list of supporters who will be offered a founding membership when our virtual doors open in the fall of 2019.

Thank you. I'm so very excited to bring this new option in low carb diabetes information & support to you and your family!

We're in this together,

Lisa La Nasa

Founder of &