No matter what your needs are right now: 

  • Your goal is lose a few pounds (or kilos or stone)

  • You want to lower your A1c by a percentage point (or a few)

  • You need accountability or support to reach your goals

  • You already have a specialty diet - gluten free, lactose free, nut-free and/or vegetarian

  • You want to improve your fitness but hate gyms, don't know what exercises to do or how to manage you blood glucose levels during exercise

  • You don't have the support of your family or friends

  • You don't have time to prepare food from scratch

  • You're looking for more information about low carb for diabetes management

  • You need to take control of your health

  • You're not sure where to start


I've been through years of the standard path to diabetes management. It doesn't work.

It leads to frustration, self-blame, depression and hopelessness.

I've experienced the initial disbelief upon discovering low carb (I read Dr. B's book, waited a year, then read it again before starting on the plan).

I understand the challenging intro phase and the food/medication tweaks to get to a successful, sustainable low carb lifestyle.

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I've experienced the profound mindset shift of diabetes management after experiencing the benefits of low carb (Diabetes IS manageable! This is incredible! I can't believe it took me so long!) and I want to share that with EVERYONE!

Like any big personal change, it takes work and persistence but there IS A BETTER WAY! 

This is a journey, not a destination. We're in this together!


Whatever stage you're at right now and whatever your personal goals - I'm here to guide and support you throughout this low carb journey toward improved health.  

I understand your challenges and your concerns with diabetes.

I also understand your desire to improve your health now and into the future.

The sky's the limit to what you can achieve! 

All of our coaching via phone or skype, so wherever you are in the world, whatever your needs, I'd love to help you achieve your health goals. 


Included in all of our coaching sessions, we'll set an actionable plan to achieve your goals and I'll send personalized follow up information via email that will help you along the way. Then I'll help you stay accountable though out your journey with regular follow-ups, reviews of BG/CGM data and personalized assistance and support to fit your needs.

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