Dr. Richard K. Bernstein MD has faced much controversy in his lifetime.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1946 at the age of 12 and originally trained as an engineer, he was the original health hacker.  He witnessed his own increasing diabetes complications after 30 years of uncontrolled diabetes, and as a problem solver by nature and training, he set out to find what he could do to improve his health. 

In 1969, Dr. Bernstein was the first diabetic to use a blood glucose monitoring machine, which we all now find commonplace. At the time, this machine was only used in emergency rooms. He pioneered the concept of patient-managed Type 1 diabetes care. 

Then, with his analytical engineering background, he set out to find the patterns behind his high and low blood glucose levels that we've all experienced with diabetes. What he found was astonishing, and what he developed was a plan for eating and self-care that is still controversial today. 

I'm convinced that the only reason that doctors and patients don't like this plan, is because they are resistant to change (it's a very strict way of eating), it is contrary to the food pyramid and recommendations of the last 40 years, and last but certainly not least, Big Pharma has a hold on doctors and their current recommendations.

I can find no other reasons for the pushback, because Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's plan works. It works dramatically and quickly. 

We have proof in the thousands of CGM graphs, the A1c reports and personal testimonials of people who have tried and succeeded long term with this low-carb eating plan. It is the only way to reduce blood glucose swings and achieve normal (non-diabetic) blood glucose levels, thus limiting the risk of long term diabetes complications. 

I want to live a long, healthy life, despite type 1 diabetes. Now, I may just live a healthier life than many non-diabetics because I am greatly limiting my carbohydrate intake. I've stopped consuming all sugars and am monitoring my blood levels very closely. 

It is possible. It is sustainable. We are living proof. 

Here's to our health! 


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