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Our hugely popular low carb intro course, Real Life Low Carb tackles both the logistics and mindset shift needed to turn low carb eating into a successful lifestyle change and create more predictable, more manageable blood sugar levels.

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online meal planning bootcamp

Low carb meals can be tough. How much can you eat, how do you avoid temptation, how do you handle social situations and HOW do you get fresh, homemade low carb meals on the table every day? We'll teach you how to make low carb planning/cooking less stressful… and even fun.

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This is Lisa…

The founder and voice behind diaVerge Diabetes management, Lisa La Nasa has been a vocal advocate of low carb for diabetes management. Lisa starting diaVerge to share her own low carb diabetes story, which led to writing for Diabetes Daily and creating online courses & personal coaching programs to provide support/resources for the diabetes community.

Lisa was dx T1D in 2002, she's the mom of two young daughters, married for 17 years, coffee lover, health hacker, and now, an optimist after experiencing firsthand how low carb can greatly improve the lives of those of us with diabetes.

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