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Running only 3x per year, our next scheduled course is September 2019.

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We're all busy and low carb can be stressful.

Low carb cooking is a whole new system to learn…

But in this crazy-hectic world, we should be trying to make our days as streamlined as possible!

What if I told you that low carb could be EASIER?

I constantly hear the same questions about meal planning from my personal coaching clients & Real Life Low Carb course participants.

Plan Your Plate is designed to answer ALL of these questions -

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Learning The Basics:

• How MUCH should I eat? How do I keep track of what I eat?

• What If I'm not losing weight (or even GAINING) with low carb?

• I'm always hungry with low carb! What should I do?

• I've heard of intermittent fasting. Is it right for me?


Planning For Success:

• How can I get dinner done faster, cheaper & with less mess?

• What is meal prep and how to do it? Which technique is best for me?

• What online meal planning tools are the best?

• Where do I find great low carb, keto recipes for free or low cost?

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Staying on Track:

• How can I avoid temptation during work, parties and meals out?

• How do I estimate food when out of the house?

• How to stay low carb when entertaining/socializing?

• How do I stay low carb during the holidays?


This meal planning bootcamp is based on Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's plan for low carb diabetes management

AND the Ketogains Calculator

It is not a high-fat keto plan but can be adjusted for personal macros.

To Support YOUR Low Carb Lifestyle:


Accountability, Community and Q&A:

During the course, you'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and participate in our THREE live webinars.

Plus after the course is done, you'll have exclusive access to our private Facebook group for our “PYP Challenge” (with one winner getting a month-long coaching package!), updated course materials, additional information, questions, making friends, and getting the support you need long after the course curriculum is done.

Our FB group also includes a free Personalized Food Assessment available for a limited time


Promoting Stillness and Mindfulness:

Food is just one aspect of a balanced life. Sleep, stress reduction, and movement are factors that can easily throw off the balance of an otherwise healthy diet. 

Thanks to our recent partnership with, diaVerge is proud to offer 30 day access to the Calm app for all course participants, which will help you create some much needed stillness in your life.


Thank You from diaVerge - and our 25% discounT:

All diaVerge course participants receive a 25% discount on any other diaVerge course! To say thank you, you'll receive a coupon code so you can take advantage of our Real Life Low Carb Course or any diaVerge course in the future.

I appreciate your trust and loyalty. Let's continue on this low carb lifestyle together!

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Diabetes Wellness Coaching:

If you want to dive deeper into creating a better life despite diabetes, diaVerge Diabetes Wellness Coaching may be a good fit for you. With registration to any diaVerge course, you'll receive a special discount for any diabetes coaching package.

To Make Low Carb Easier, Join Us!

For $75 USD you’ll learn all the details how to make the low carb lifestyle both simpler and more sustainable, all while gaining an amazing low carb community in the process!

Plan Your Plate Participants Are Saying:

"I want to let you know that your class is terrific! The information you are providing will enhance my ability to manage [T1D] greatly!"

"Plan Your Plate is a thorough, well-organized class brimming with important information for anyone who wants to eat a low carbohydrate diet. Even if you’re currently following a low carb lifestyle you are sure to come away with an abundance of information and resources. Lisa La Nasa is an invaluable proponent for the low carb lifestyle. Her expertise, pleasant demeanor and informative and interesting class will easily propel you into the low carb lifestyle."

"I can’t thank you enough for addressing this! We have been in the dark. The Endo and CDE won’t get into the details we need about nutrition. They just want to talk about the food pyramid."

"I am happy I signed up. I feel confident that my chaotic last-minute ad hoc stress-shopping-food-cooking days are over."

"[Lisa] planned step by step each day how to get and stay organized, where to find great recipes, and what to do if it all came unglued one day (plan B). This course gave me the tools I needed to start eating a different way. My son’s blood sugar in two weeks has been mostly level, no double up or down arrows on Dexcom, no extreme highs or lows, and we are about 85% in range for this time period. I think that’s incredible, and I can see it only getting better. This course was exactly what I needed to support me and direct me to help my son and our whole family, and I am so very thankful for Lisa’s instruction and direction."

Online Schedule:

Plan your Plate runs for 2 weeks, with a new lesson emailed to you every day. 

  • I'll be hosting THREE 60-minute live Q&A Webinars during the course. This is where you can ask real-time questions and I'll provide additional ideas and support to ALL course participants.

  • You'll need to devote approximately 20-30 minutes to the lesson and activities each day. Schedule this into your calendar! If you can work on the lesson first thing in the morning before distractions start, even better. 

  • We're including videos, printouts and links to learn more, which will keep this fun and exciting.

  • Plus, we have goals and accountability at regular intervals in the course curriculum, along with special email tips and reminders throughout the course to keep you on track.

The next PLAN YOUR PLATE course is scheduled for September 2019.

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Plan Your Plate is only offered 3x per year

This is not intended to pressure you into registering now.

I WOULD LOVE IT if you'd join me, but I understand if this just isn't the right time for you.

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(We reserve the right to modify this schedule at any time)

If you can't join us this time, please sign up here for our email list and we'll remind you of these upcoming dates! 


It doesn't matter where you are in the world, this information is applicable to all who are currently eating low carb, or those who need extra help to make the low carb lifestyle into a long-term commitment.

We'll cover both metric and imperial measurements where needed, with no emphasis on ready-made foods that may  only be available in a certain region or country. 

Your Role:

In order to see meaningful change in your life, you need to show up and do the work.

There is work involved here, including daily personal reflection, accountability, and (possibly) trying a few options before you find a system that fits you and your lifestyle.

This is not a miracle cure or effortless system, but by showing up and doing the work, I know that this course will make low carb meal planning & cooking not only easy, but actually FUN!

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Who is Lisa La Nasa? 

Creator of Plan Your Plate & Real Life Low Carb Courses for the low carb diabetes community

Founder of diaVerge Diabetes in 2015

Low Carb Diabetes Wellness Coach

AADE Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 2

Freelance Writer

Type 1 diabetes since 2002 (And both the sister & daughter to T1s)

(Plus: mom, wife, real food advocate, fitness enthusiast, lifelong learner, world traveler & coffee fanatic)

Please send me an email here if you have any questions about this or our other offerings. My goal is to help YOU get the most out of low carb and live a happy, healthy life with diabetes.

We're in this together! 

Donation Statement: 

20% of each course sale will be donated to two amazing charities.

T1 International supports diabetics worldwide, providing education and basic supplies such as insulin and test strips.

Faustman Lab at U Mass in the United States is searching for a cure for type 1 diabetes and is currently in Phase II Human trials using the BCG vaccine to re-set the immune system.

This is your last chance!

You've heard all the benefits. You know what you'll gain.

Plan Your Plate is the perfect way to take control of your mealtimes & make low carb sustainable!

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