Low Carb Profile Week 2: Adam

Adam Profile Pic2.jpg
It’s so worth it. The first week or two is tough but after that it just became part of the routine. I rarely ever miss things. It’s been a win win.
— Adam


When were you diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes?

2001, 29 years old

How long have you been following Dr. Bernstein's recommendations?

Since March 2014

Are you on Multiple Daily Injections? Do you use any devices use to help with diabetes control?

Pump and CGM

How does eating low carb affect your overall health and wellbeing?

 I have much more energy. I have lost a significant amount of weight and require much less insulin.

What's been the biggest positive change in your life since starting low carb?

Weight loss, more energy, blood sugars under control and requiring less insulin.

How does your energy level and feeling of wellness compare to before low carb?

It's like night and day. I have much more energy.

Do you exercise regularly? If so, tell us about what you do: 

Yes. I take daily fitness classes ranging from pure cardio, pure strength training and both combined.

What types of foods do you eat in a typical day?

Tuna, egg salad, lots of fish, veggies, occasionally red meat, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

If you have others living with you, does your whole family eat low carb? If not, does that create problems for you or them?

My family does not and it's not an issue for me or for them.

Have you ever considered quitting low carb and going back to the way you had been eating? Or another plan? Why?

Maybe a few times but then I remembered what life was like back then and decided this way is best.

If you're comfortable with it, please share your A1c range before and after low carb, your weight, or any other great blood work results you've experienced: 

I ranged around 7.0% (A1c) and weighed anywhere between 225-275 before low carb. Now, I've been 4.5% (A1c) for almost a year and hover at 175 lbs.

What advice would you give other people with diabetes who are considering low carb/Dr. B's program?

It's so worth it. The first week or two is tough but after that it just became part of the routine. I rarely ever miss things. It's been a win win.

This and the upcoming interviews of people following Dr. Bernstein's recommendations for low carb eating and diabetes management are testimonials to the effectiveness of the program as outlined in the book, Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.

If you haven't already, please read the book and follow the recommendations, as Susanne has, to achieve normal (non-diabetic) blood glucose levels and avoid the many long-term complications of diabetes related to high blood glucose numbers. 

A huge thanks to Adam for sharing his story with us! We'll be featuring a new profile every Wednesday until the end of the year on the diaVerge blog.  

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