The Path of Self-Discovery

The pathway, the journey, the road, the adventure.

We know that the road to self-discovery and self-improvement is often rocky and paved by boulders. There are obstacles around every turn that you must overcome, with many of these self-made and based on history, experience, or advice. These obstacles are surmountable. We'll get past them. 

No mater how hard the road is, you must keep going. Keep going not because the end is near, but because it's not even within sight.

You have to keep going. Plugging along. Moving forward. 

The sense of achievement you gain as you overcome each obstacle is your reward; to see the progress you've made, the successes that you've had. To see yourself growing stronger during the journey, that is what keeps you going. 

There will be days of smooth walking, boundless energy and a sunny, sparkling sky. Soak it in. Cherish these days. Store your energy and motivation for when the rain clouds loom heavy up ahead and the road is too tough.


Then suddenly, others join in and walk along with you.

They give you a hand and help you when you fall. They're your tribe. You might not know these people personally, but they're on the same journey, walking the same path as you. They're your support throughout and you are theirs. 

There have been others before you and there will be more that come after, learning from your successes and mis-steps. Keep your eyes open for the personal discoveries that you'll make along the way, take note, share with your tribe and keep going. Always keep going. Even if your progress is slow, even if you crawl, keep going. 

We'll buoy you up. We'll support you along the path.

We are walking it, too.