diaVerge Featured In Diabetes Daily

My writing has been featured on Diabetes Daily!! 

How the Bernstein Diet Changed My Life with Type 1 Diabetes (which is the "Read This First" section of this website) was featured October 17th, and an article that I wrote specifically for the Diabetes Daily audience, Making The Bernstein Plan Work For You!, posted November 2nd. 

We're excited to get continued reach and interest in Dr. Bernstein's plan for diabetes management. We'll continue to post here and in other diabetes resources to spread the word about the daily implementation of low carb eating and Dr. Bernstein's toolbox of recommendations; all in an effort to attain reduced blood glucose variability and long term health with diabetes. 

Thank you for supporting diaVerge!!




Lisa La Nasa and the diaVerge Team

(graphic courtesy of TypeOneGrit)