So I Walked Into Walmart...

And it made me question everything we're taught as Type 1s.

Example of Walmart's ReliOn products. 

Example of Walmart's ReliOn products. 

I'll get to that later.


First, there's a backstory:

I heard the ReliOn Brand of home A1c tests was on clearance, so I walked into my neighborhood Walmart to see what I could find. 

While browsing the diabetes section looking for the last of these A1c tests, a muscular, tattooed man, looking to be in his early 30s, turned to me and asked, "Do you know anything about this stuff?" and pointed to the meters and test strips on the shelves.

I said, "Sure, I've had type 1 diabetes for 15 years. What are you looking for?"

He then told me:  He's prediabetic. 

His doctor told him to watch what he eats. Cut out sugar. No bread, rice or pasta. Stay away from carbs. 

He's really been trying to eat right, but he wants to test his blood to make sure he's doing enough.

This man is used to taking care of his body and working out. He doesn't just want to take a pill. He knows what his body is capable of and he wants to heal it, not just treat the symptoms.

I congratulated him for that and said he was doing the right thing. 

We looked at the ReliOn brand of blood glucose meters together. I suggested one based on price and ease of use, then coordinated the test strips, lancing device and lancets (since they're all separate).

He asked how to use the meter, when to test and we talked about the ideal numbers he should be at. He had the whole set-up for about $30 USD.

He was very appreciative and thanked me for my time. I wished him the best and was glad to help. 


Then we went our separate ways and I finally found the A1c test that I had been looking for all that time.

It then dawned on me- 

Why is it that low carb information is out there and being recommended, yet we as type 1s run into opposition from our medical teams?

Doctors are prescribing low carb eating to their patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Veterinarians are prescribing low carb for diabetic animals. My dentist has said how much better low carb eating is for our dental health, both in terms of lower sugar and higher fat and protein. 


Why do so many endocrinologists and dietitians (to make a generalization) lose their minds when type 1s eat Low carb? 


It's a rhetorical question but something to think about.  If you know the answer, leave a comment.

[Maybe it's the drug companies who are lining the pockets of many medical professionals. Maybe it's the professional organizations, funded by the large food conglomerates and drug companies that have put restrictions on their members. Maybe they're afraid of hypoglycemia. Maybe they don't believe in the physiology that our bodies can run quite happily without carbohydrates. What is it and why are so many type 1s being excluded from this information when others with type 2 and prediabetes are being recommended it? WHY!?!?!!?  (whew.) ]

All diabetes* can be controlled (to an extent) with diet and exercise. Low carb eating is not a cure for Type 1 (we still need insulin and always will) BUT low carb eating makes type 1 diabetes a hellofa lot easier. 

We all deserve that information. 

*The exception to that statement probably being diabetes insipidus, which is a very rare imbalance of water in the body and is not related to either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. 

What are you experiences with your doctor's or dietitians food recommendations for diabetes management? Do you have experience with low carb eating for diabetes management? Leave a comment to tell us your story!

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