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For the last two years, my writing has been featured by Diabetes Daily in one fashion or another.

Diabetes Daily has reposted articles were originally written for this blog and since April 2017, I've been writing exclusive content for Diabetes Daily and their huge worldwide audience online. 

In case you've missed them, here are links to my exclusive Diabetes Daily articles:

Diabetes & Gum Disease

Traveling with Type 1 Diabetes (with video of yours truly!) 

Neuropathy: What Is It and Can It Be Cured? 

Low-Carb Kids: How To Keep It Interesting

 Letter to Dr. Bernstein

Types of Diabetic Diets (Diabetes Daily Learning Page) 

10 Popular Fast Food Options For People Watching Their Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes & Hospital Care: What You Need To Know

And... coming next week is an article about the Diabetes & The Hypothyroid Autoimmune Connection. 


In addition to the articles that were written exclusively for Diabetes Daily, they've shared the following blog posts that have been hugely popular: 

Click on the link here if you want to see the summary of all articles by Lisa La Nasa on Diabetes Daily (both exclusive content and syndicated from the blog). * Please note that some of the article titles and images have been changed to better suit the Diabetes Daily audience. 


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