Healthier Habits - End of Year Challenge

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Lifestyle change is all about creating healthier habits.

Whether it's eating low carb, meal planning, yoga, meditation, or any habit, really -

All require the same commitment and unfortunately, often follow the same trajectory:

First, you make a decision. You're going to make a change!

You have the best of intentions and start off strong.

Then you get distracted.

You make excuses.

Time passes.

The natural next step is to give up instead of starting over.

We've all been there: a gym membership, an online course, an ebook, a project, all left without completion. You made a decision to start something, but it remains unfulfilled.

This happens.

It's okay.

Stop making excuses why.

Put it behind you.

It's time to start again.

Instead of giving in to human nature, we CAN overcome it by committing to these new habits and making them a priority in our lives .

We can overcome this attitude of complacency and take responsibility for our actions, our successes and our failures.

(Man, I hate the word 'failure.’ It's so loaded with emotion and negative connotation, but it's true.)

What if instead of failure, we reframe the whole concept?

"Failure” is NOT NEGATIVE!

It's all learning.

  • Your blood sugar information is just data, not a reflection of you as a person.

  • Your current fitness level is what it is, but you’re not doomed to this status forever. You can change it.

  • Your anger comes from your stress level, without relief. Start a mindfulness or relaxation program to help you better manage stress.

It's only through DOING that we learn.

You learn what works, you learn what doesn't work.

The brilliance comes in what you do with that newfound knowledge.

Do you try again? Do you build on what works? Or do you give up?

Success is trying again and again.

Failure, if we want to use that term, is giving up.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” - Thomas A. Edison

Here's your call to action:

We have 6 weeks remaining in 2018.

That is 6 weeks to make some new habits, and then practice them again and again to build on your successes.

I challenge you to choose a new, health habit and work consistently to integrate it into your routine before the beginning of the new year.

Learn what works and what doesn't work for you.

Continue with the things that work and rid yourself of what doesn't work.

When everyone else is planning their New Year's resolutions (with all the drama and unrealistically large goals at that time of year), you'll already have a month and a half of learning and achieving and doing behind you.

You'll be far ahead of the game, and will start 2019 with solid new habits that you've always wanted.

What is your goal for the next 6 weeks?

Do you want to improve your blood sugar levels?

  • Test your blood sugar level more often. Document all your results. Evaluate on a weekly basis. Make adjustments to insulin/medication (with your doctor's approval) and/or food if necessary.

Do you want to improve how you’re eating?

  • Pick one meal per day and eat low carb. Document your food for that meal, your insulin/medication dose and timing. Evaluate on a weekly basis (do you see a pattern here?)

Do you want to exercise more?

  • Join a class, an online fitness challenge or find an exercise buddy who will help you stay accountable. Document your starting weight, endurance and even starting photos. Then schedule your exercise every week.

Do you want to meditate/practice stillness?

  • Download a meditation app like or Headspace. Both have free trials, and there are many others available. Start small. Even 10 minutes is enough. Schedule this time in your day.

Here's how to start TODAY!

  1. Set a small goal (one meal at a time, one BG check at a time, etc)

  2. Make a commitment to yourself to do it for the next 6 weeks

  3. Schedule the time to do what you said you would do (test BG levels, exercise, meal plan, etc)

  4. If you miss a session or mess up, start again! Start 100 times if needed. Just don't give up!

  5. Evaluate how it's going on a regular basis (schedule this evaluation time, too) and make changes if necessary.

  6. Then keep going!

Use the next 6 weeks put these 6 steps into action. Start today and once Jan 1st rolls around, you'll be happy you did!

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