Coconut Chia "Oatmeal"

I've said that I don't like eating "replacement carbs" because they just seems to trick my brain into wanting REAL carbs. I know, I know...

But this is so tasty and it's not sweet (okay, just a little) and it's warm and comforting and I love, love, LOVE hot cereal. It's like a hug from the inside on cool winter mornings. 

(**Hey, we all know that cold winter mornings are right around the corner for some of us again. Seasons work that way, they're cyclical. ) 

While I don't eat this cereal every day, it's a great on-the-go alternative that can be prepped ahead of time and brought with you to "JUST ADD WATER" once you get to work, after the gym. Whenever. 

It's warm and comfy and reminds me of eating Cream of Wheat as a kid. 

And you can make it just the way YOU like it. 



*Please note that flax can affect estrogen and estrogen metabolism, both positively and negatively. I've halved the flax quantity in this recipe, but if you wish to remove it completely, the cereal will be just as good without it. (You might try almond meal, walnut meal or psyllium husk instead of flax, but I haven't tested those substitutions and any modifications will affect the nutritional information).  

As written, this recipe contains approx 2 tsp of flax per 1/2 cup serving. 

Coconut Chia "Oatmeal" 

Per 1/4 cup serving: 138 calories, 12g fat, 4g protein, 9g carbs (7g fiber), plus any add-ins like heavy cream or nuts.  Makes 4 cups cereal mix (qty 16 servings at 1/4 cup each) 



2 cups Shredded Coconut 

1 cup Ground Chia Seed

1/2 cup Whole Chia Seed

1/2 cup Ground Flax Seed (golden flax will have a lighter taste and color, but both golden and standard flax will work)

2-3 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon (love Penzey's Cinnamon Blend, but any good quality cinnamon will work)


To Serve: 

Boiling water

Stevia drops to taste

Optional Add Ins: flavored stevia drops, vanilla extract, heavy cream, butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, unsweetened flavored syrup, walnuts, almonds, protein powder or whatever you prefer.



To Prep:

Add coconut, chia (both ground and whole seed), flax, and cinnamon to a medium sized container with a tight fitting lid. Stir to combine. Store in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to use. 

To Serve: 

Measure 1 part dry cereal mix to 2 parts boiling water in a medium size bowl (For example: 1/4 cup dry cereal mix to 1/2 cup boiling water.) 

Pour the hot water carefully to avoid splashing.

Stir and let stand for a few minutes to thicken. Add more water if needed.

Add Stevia drops and/or any other preferred add-ins (I like crushed walnuts, vanilla and heavy cream) and stir to combine. 


Shown: 1/4 cup cereal, 1 Tbsp whole chia seed (because I was out of whole chia when I made this batch of cereal) and 1 Tbsp heavy cream. 

Shown: 1/4 cup cereal, 1 Tbsp whole chia seed (because I was out of whole chia when I made this batch of cereal) and 1 Tbsp heavy cream. 

Let us know what you think of this recipe. What did you add in to make it perfect for you?