5 Tips for Diabetes Management

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If you're new to low carb or interested in learning more about how to further regulate your blood sugar levels, start here.

These 5 crucial tips will get you started on the path to blood sugar management.

  1. The Law of Small Numbers: Small amounts of carbohydrates require small amounts of insulin and only small corrections, when needed. More information in this post.

  2. Focus on eating protein and green vegetables: Change your food, change your life. More information about how to get started with a low carb food plan here and inexpensive, quality protein sources here.

  3. Correct lows (hypoglycemia) with glucose tablets or glucose/dextrose candy. They're small, predictable, portable and you don't need much to correct a low when eating low carb. Read all about why and how of glucose tablets- plus alternatives here.

  4. Once your food is controlled, focus on insulin techniques (if you use insulin): Learn about PreBolus, Protein Bolus and IM shots here, and Basal Testing here.

  5. Low carb is a lifestyle change. Know your body, be gentle with yourself, set yourself up for success, and know that this switch to low carb eating and specific insulin techniques is as much mental as physical. More information here.

If you haven't read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book, please do so.

It's available on Amazon internationally, and many chapters are available on Dr. B's website here. Also, check out Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes University on Youtube for a wealth of information.

If you're still having a tough time getting started with low carb or you need an extra helping hand for ideas, support and accountability, consider

  • Real Life Low Carb (online course) is an intro to Dr. Bernstein's low carb plan, plus the mindset, goal setting and support that is needed to succeed. Start today!

  • Plan Your Plate Meal Planning Bootcamp (online course), offered 3x per year, this course shows you how to save time, money and stress by planning and prepping your meals in advance, including how to find the meal planning technique that’s right for you!

  • 1-on-1 Diabetes Wellness Coaching, personalized month-long coaching packages tailored to fit your needs and help you succeed from exactly where you are right now.

The goal of diaVerge is to help people with diabetes life a healthier, happier life.

I started Dr. Bernstein's low carb plan for diabetes management in January 2015 and as a result, my health has improved dramatically. I've been yelling it from the rooftops ever since.

We're in this together!