Spring Training Video Series

This past Friday, March 31st, we completed the diaVerge 15 day Spring Training Video Series.

We brought you a short video every weekday for three weeks, discussing one aspect of low carb eating: tips, tricks, mindset, goal setting and so much more.

If you missed it, you can find these all posted on the diaVerge Facebook page and on the diaVerge Youtube playlist

Since I included additional information and links many of the videos, we're adding the 15 day series here so you can access each video at a glance and view the topics that are of interest to you.  

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Please leave a comment here or on Youtube to tell us all about you! Where are you at in the low carb journey?  

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Click on the following video links for each day of our 15-day Spring Training Series: 

Day 1: Introduction


Day 2: Goals


Day 3: Focus & Mindset


Day 4: Mind is The Master Power

Mind is The Master Power poem by James Allen. I used the modern variant listed. 


Day 5: Accountability




Day 6: Setting Yourself Up For Success



Day 7: Meal Planning & Prep 

 Melissa Joulwan's WellFed and WellFed2 books are available here on Amazon. More info at meljoulwan.com (Paleo based, but great "hot plate" plans of cooking once and eating all week. 

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book on Amazon. 



Day 8: Food Tracking

Chronometer.com is what I use now for food tracking. I used Mynetdiary.com for years and love it's mobile app.  


Day 9: Safer Snacking

Small Ziploc snack containers: 


Day 10: The Underutilized Appliance



Day 11: Emergency Plan 

Please have an emergency plan in place. If you use a CGM, share the readings with a loved one. Dexcom's Mobile, Share and Follow apps,  Xdrip and Nightscout (all available on your app store).   Glucagon is available in many countries through a doctors prescription and in the USA, they look like this, with either a red or orange plastic case, depending on manufacturer. Click to read more of my personal story with severe hypoglycemia and upcoming part 2 follow-up a year later. 


Day 12: Physical Activity 

I use and love short exercise band loops and long fitness band set. Both sets come with bands of various resistances.

(This is not a sponsored post, I purchased these with my own money. If you choose to purchase using these Amazon links, I will receive a small commission while not costing you anything additional.) 


Day 13: Strenuous Exercise


Day 14: Kitchen Favorites

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