Low Carb Profile Week 1: Susanne

Low Carb Profile Week 1: Susanne

For each of the next 6 weeks, we'll feature an interview with a person with Type 1 Diabetes who follows Dr. Bernstein's plan for low carb eating and diabetes management.  We're asking their diabetic history, their thoughts/feelings about eating low carb, and what changes they've seen in their lives since switching how they eat. 

The Low Carb Secret Ingredient

For weeks, I suffered from varying degrees of dizziness, body weakness, headache and confusion.  I had trouble finding the right words and concentrating on my writing. I felt absolutely helpless. 

Of course I was thinking my problems were really serious. I was convinced I had a brain tumor or degenerative neurological issue. SOMETHING had to explain the symptoms I'd been experiencing. 

10 Tips For Low-Carb Success

With consistent commitment to better health, you WILL see results. The very first day eating low-carb, your insulin needs will decrease. As you refine your insulin needs (for a Type 1 Diabetic requiring insulin) and your food, you will see improved blood glucose numbers. You will no longer have to fear surprise high or low blood glucose levels. 

Here are 10 tips that will help you achieve long-term success with the low-carb way of eating: